options.terrainAssetId 2275207 is not found

I get the error message: options.terrainAssetId 2275207 is not found

I am unable to ‘present’ or ‘embed’ my story including google photorealistic 3D tiles. Anyone know this problem?


Can you check that Google Photorealistic 3d Tiles is listed in My Assets. If it does not appear in this list, please add it from the asset depot. You will not be able to access any assets that are not listed in your My Assets list.

If this does not resolve your issue, are you able to share the URL to the story you are having trouble with?

Hi Mark, I opened a new account with cesium as was in a hurry for a presentation to client. It seemed to work then, so i’m assuming it was a token issue or some other limitation. Is there a way of improving resolution of my model?. I think its great to have it in 3D google but the resolution is not that crisp. Also, the navigation and loading can be troublesome Here is link if interested: https://ion.cesium.com/stories/viewer/?id=502ea174-5238-4fe3-95d7-f450f8293445

Kind regards, Dan Bulmer

Hi Dan,

So to confirm the issue with not being able to access Google Photorealistic tiles has been resolved?

Are you able to provide a screenshot and describe in more detail what you mean by improving the resolution of your model?