Building a Windows Application

I’m facing a problem where within the Unity editor, Cesium works as intended and the terrain is generated. But, when I’ve built my application to an executable the terrain isn’t generated at all.

Is there some configuration option I haven’t set somewhere or have I possibly used it incorrectly?
I’m relatively new to Unity especially making use of third-party packages so I’m unsure of what the issue is.


If you’re trying to build a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application, that’s not supported yet. A regular desktop application should work fine, though.

If you’re building a regular Windows desktop app and it’s not working, take a look at the Player log while running and see if there are any clues in there. It may also be helpful to share your player settings.

Well what’s unusual is how there are no errors or warning being output into the console or player log.
This is a regular Windows desktop application.

I’ve attached part of the player settings, are there any settings I should be looking at specifically in regards to working with Cesium?

The main thing to check in the player settings is that it’s building for x86-64. Cesium for Unity does not support 32-bit platforms.

Does the Cesium for Unity Samples project work?

I see, my application is building for 64 bit so I know that’s not the issue.
The samples do work so the last thing I was investigating was the differences between the two builds. Will get back if I find anything.

I have found that when I launch the built application, it does load the scene but the terrain is flat and made up of only a single colour.

Do you mean the built Cesium for Unity Samples application? Or is that only in your own application?

Oh sorry for that, that blank terrain is only my own application. The samples work.