Cache control parameters


I’m looking for any information about controlling the cache used to keep request data. Specifically in Cesium for Unreal.

I have found the sqlite database, and see that (apparently) it respects the cache-control headers so e.g. won’t include Google data.

The cache in my test system seems to top out at around 1.5 GB and seems to evict data fairly quickly if switching between large datasets.

I can increase the per-tileset ‘maximum cached bytes’, but it’s not clear what effect that is having.

Is there anywhere we can set parameters for e.g.

  • cache file location
  • maximum size
  • eviction thresholds



Hi @JNWood,

Under Project Settings there are a few options to control cache behavior. This includes Requests per Cache Prune and Max Cache Items.

However, I don’t think we allow users to specify a different location for the cache file, or the actual maximum size of the cache. If you’d like, we can treat this as a feature request and I can write a Github issue for these features in the Cesium for Unreal repo.

Thanks, I’ll try those options and see how far that gets us.

I noticed that the size of the table was ~ 4k so probably hitting that limit.