What does "Maximum Cashed Bytes" mean? and where does it cashed?

Hi there!
I have seen a field in the details tab of Cesium world terrain, in “Tile loading” part : Maximum Cashed Bytes
Anyone knows what does it mean exactly?
where is the local place which it cashed (or saved)? (folder path)
what does it cash exactly?
how much is the maximum if this value?
can we cash special part of map and use it without connection to the internet?
I would appreciate any help : -*

This is the size of the in-memory tile cache. It is not persisted to disk. You can set it to as large as you want, but may run out of memory and crash if it’s too large.

Cesium also has an on-disk cache for network requests. It’s stored in a SQLite databse in Unreal’s FPaths::EngineUserDir() directory. It’s currently set up to cache a fixed number of tiles, and this can’t be changed (other than by modifying the plugin). The purpose of this cache is to improve performance by avoiding redundant network requests, much like a web browser’s request cache. Using it to enable disconnected use would be a violation of both Cesium’s and Microsoft Bing’s terms of use.