Can anyone contribute tutorials and examples for the sandcastle?

The title asks it all. There seems to be so much missing from the documentation, for example clicking the Cesium Sandcastle Circle Outline Demo link( on results in a 404 error.

I found this out because I have a need for the example as I have not been able to get the circle outline to work in the sandcastle. The Circles and Ellipses falls short of what I need.

We absolutely encourage and welcome pull requests at all levels of the code, doc, and examples. See the Contributor’s Guide for info on getting up and running with the code and you’ll need to sign a CLA as discussed in As with an open source project, the core team is constantly trying to balance features, bugfixes, doc, and cleanup. If you find something such as bad links or incorrect doc, opening a pull request that fixes it is a huge help. Failing that, a forum post or new issue submission is the next best thing. The worst thing someone could do is not say anything. I also just opened an issue for us to try and automate dead link detection.

We’ve had issues open to refactor and improve Sandcastle examples for a while. So if you would like to improve the Circle and Ellipses example, for instance, I would start with a pull request that does just that one example so that you get use to our processes and we can also provide early feedback. Longer term, we would love to see Sandcastle become a user curated/updated gallery of examples hosted on our website, similar to jsFiddle, glslSandbox, and other sites. There’s actually an item in our Google Summer of Code project page to see if someone wants to work on this.

For tutorials, right now that’s a little tricky because they are hosted on the website, which is not an open source repository. I’ve had a long standing goal to refactor our documentation process to allow us to embed the tutorials as part of the standard doc. This would be through the jsDoc tutorial mechanism. I actually even have a branch on GitHub that started to do this. I think that’s the best way to manage tutorials going forward and also allow people to easily access and open pull requests to edit them.

Finally, you mentioned problems with outlines. If you’re on Windows, we go into some details of some caveats in the Outlines section of the Visualizing Spatial Data tutorial.

Hope that helps and I look forward to any pull requests you’d like to contribute.