Can cesium edit a specific component of a 3dtile model

Can cesium edit a specific component of a 3dtile model, not the entire model. For example, edit the position, scale, and material of a column in the model.


I’m a beginner and I think material of any specific model’s node can’t be changed. But you can transform, translate and scale of any node. You may check this example.

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@Jacky thanks so much for your comment - you are 100% right on this one :+1:

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I want to achieve dynamic growth of a model, something like this.Amazingly detailed 4D Animation with Fuzor VDC! - YouTube needs to adjust his display, position, etc. for one of the components.

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You can do that. You can get names of all nodes of an entity by following code:

You can check this another useful example.

Hello, I am using 3dtile, not gltf. It seems that cesium does not provide a 3dtile component transformation method?

Hi @cqliao,

3D Tiles as a format tends to be optimized for streaming. For these optimizations to work, the position needs to be static.

However, if you’re interested in editing the material, there’s a few ways to customize that. This includes 3D Tiles Styling and Custom Shaders.

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Thanks.Sorry for my immature thinking, can 3dtile data be loaded by glft method? Is it possible to take advantage of some features of gltf, such as changing the position of components?

Individual tiles in a 3D tileset may have embedded glTF files which you could load, but it may be tricky to extract the glTF.

Do you have access to the source data? If you’re trying to animate certain parts of a scene, I think it would make sense to keep those models parts separate from the 3d tileset so you can control them differently.

Yes, I have access to the source data. However, since most of my models are made with software tools like BIM, and the models are very large, using 3dtile is advantageous for such large models. At the same time, because some components in the overall model need to be dynamically adjusted, it is not reasonable to consider doing them separately.