Can existing Large Potree files on AWS be used with Cesium

I have several large Potree data sets on AWS. It is possible to use them from the url instead of loading them onto Cesium Ion? I want use the Cesium Terrain and building sets.

Welcome @Charlie_Lima_Hotel , I think it should be possible to access and load data directly from AWS server to Cesium. But without studying the sample data, it is difficult to assure you. We need more information to provide you proper answer like how do you wanna display your data on map? Like draw polygons, images or what?

Using Cesium Terrain and OSM Building sets out of cesium ion is violation of Cesium terms and conditions as per my knowledge.


Thanks Jacky,
My intent is to use Cesium correctly but I really do not want to move terabytes of data around or host them in 2 locations. I was hoping for Potree support (or Entwine). My files are all on AWS now.

I’ve been doing a bit of trial and error. I loaded a 3.1 GB .laz file up to Cesium Ion and it converted to the Cesium 3D Tile format with Draco compression. (Asset: 756575). I can see it in the preview window but when I run it in the Sandbox it is not in the location it should be. (I can’t find it at all) I do not know if I have to re-project the points to some other projection.