Can flyTo be bound to clock?

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I spend five seconds fly to the target, at sixth seconds, the target has animation and the animation is only one second. if I let clock speed up, I will miss an animation because of the fly still cost five seconds.the five seconds is fact time, not clock time

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It looks like there’s nothing built-in to do this, but this does sound very useful. I think what you’d need to do as a workaround is create a SampledPositionProperty:

That has the positions all along the flight path, and then create an onTick event, so that every frame you get the position from the sampled property and set the camera’s position to that.

You can actually see where the camera computes its tween here:

Although it might not be very straightforward to take that and create a sampledpositionproperty out of it.

I opened an issue with some more thoughts here

Ťhanks.I try it.

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