Can I draw a completely blue glowing polyline?

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I was trying to draw a glowing polyline using PolylineGlow, and I hope the whole polyline is all blue.

But I found that I can only change the color of the glowing edge while color of the middle part of polyline is still white.

Is there anyway to make a completely blue glowing polyline?

I have attached a picture for what I want to draw.

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var czml = [

“path” : {

“material” : {

“polylineGlow” : {

“color” : {

“rgba” : [1, 228, 255, 255]


“glowPower”: 0.2



“width” : 30,

“leadTime” : 10,

“trailTime” : 1000,

“resolution” : 5



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I am trying to draw a glowing blue track on earth.

4. The Cesium version you’re using, your operating system and browser.

I was trying in the demo online:



Not out of the box with PolylineGlowMaterial, but you can try playing around with Fabric to create a custom material.