Can I hide the meshes inside classification primitive?


Classification primitive is a nice way to high light meshes in 3dtiles.
Since it can get these meshes,can it hide these meshes as well?

Any help appreciated


Hi Chris,

This is actually being worked now for the 3D Tiles classification tile (former called vector tile), and we might also be able to do it for the classification primitive.

Keep an eye on


Thanks Patrick

I find Classification Primitive use stencil test to show only the meshes intersect with 3dtiles model.

So if I want to hide the 3dtiles model, should I modify the code in ClassificationPrimitive or the one related to model rendering?


在 2017年8月17日星期四 UTC+8上午7:56:12,Patrick Cozzi写道:

I’m not sure if that’s possible. The whole tileset is rendered and then the classification color is applied. So the tileset being rendered can’t be undone.

At some point we were experimenting with drawing the classified or unclassified area with translucency, but we didn’t get far enough.

Hi Chris, I may have been wrong about that. The invert classification PR should actually support hiding all un-classified parts of the tileset by setting the invert color’s alpha to zero.

Thanks Sean

The invert-classification PR is almost what I want. I will study the code

And hope you can solve the alpha error soon

best wishes