Can I reload some certain terrain tiles?


I modify some places in source code, and made something similar as the cesium-ground-push plugin.

Now I want to dynamically change some parameters in runtime.

The problem I met is after I modify the parameters, the modified terrain tiles are not reloaded until I move the view and move back.

So can I reload some certain tiles immediately after I make some inputs?

I didn’t want to reload all the tiles, just some certain tiles.

Any help appreciated.


I see the tile of 3d-tiles can be forced to reload in this thread!searchin/cesium-dev/force$20reload%7Csort:relevance/cesium-dev/0nu80BPWUaA/jwUyFIgsCgAJ

So can the terrain tile or GlobeSurceTile reload as I demand?


Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to force reload terrain tiles (although our imagery, terrain and 3d-tiles are all conceptually similar, the implementations are quite different) – you have to reload the entire thing.

The good news is that our team is currently working on this capability for imagery providers and this functionality may apply to terrain as well. Sorry we don’t have more information on that currently, but we expect to see the feature out in version 1.35 or 1.36.


  • Rachel

Thanks for your reply, Rachel.

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