Tile image reload broken

We have implemented a custom ImageryProvider similar to SingleTileImageryProvider. By changing the URL and calling the internal method _reload, we can change the displayed image in real-time. However, if the camera changes, sometimes some Tile images will not reload. Is this intentional? Is there any solution?

Hi @firstrilfe,

Do you have a code example you could share?

Sure, you can simply reproduce the problem by zooming in and out to trigger the SurfaceTiles reloading. It will be even more obvious when zooming with angles. code example.

_reload is actually a private function (not an official part of the API intended for development use) which was implemented in support of time dynamic WMS and WMTS imagery providers. It’s defined in GlobeSurfaceTileProvider if you’re looking for the source. Depend on the state of the requestImage function, it can exit early.