Clean cache of ImageryProvider


I implemented custom ImageryProvider that is used to visualize some data. It works pretty good, but I'm having the issue with the tiles being cached - even after the data updated I'm still seeing old tiles while zooming in and out.

I implemented TileDiscardPolicy as well (I'm not sure I understand the way it is supposed to work)
If I always return true from shouldDiscardImage - I don't see the layer images, when returning false - no updates.

I even tried removing the imagery provider from layers and potting it back - no change.

Is there a way to purge all cached tiles for a layer and force it to reload?

Thank you

If you removed and re-added the imagery provider, then it’s not Cesium doing the caching. It’s probably your server or web browser. Try clearing your browser’s cache, and take a look at the cache control headers your browser is returning.