Dynamic DOM tile rendering

Hi Folks, I am trying to implement a live map rendering with CesiumJS, which is served with XYZ url protocol plus a customized tile update check API call. (live map it’s rectangle & tile content are changing in the fly)
Initially i would have planned to implement it using exising ImageryProviders or TimeImageryProviders, but I found I couldn’t find a proper way to refresh (not reload all tilesets) the rectangle & rendered tiles when it changed… so i changed my mind and am trying to implement it using GroundPrimitives (by changing materials).
I am wondering if there is a more efficient way, in which I can take advantage of the existing tile rendering mechanism instead of doing it all over again (e.g. i have to do tiling myself while it has well-implemented tiling running right there.


You can force ImageryProviders to reload tiles like:

Reference taken from this post.

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Thanks Jacky, I read the post, too. it’s supposed to be working but there are two issues here for my use case: 1. it refreshes all tiles displayed while I only want to update showing tiles whiches got updated (band width matters in my use case); 2. it’s an internal method not intended to be called directly… so its not perfect here.

I’m understanding the requirement and there should be any method in Cesium to reload desired tiles only But There are few more things you can try like TimeDynamicImagery , WMTS ImageryProvider which is also time dynamic. You can also try SingleTileImageryProvider.