Can three.js load 3dtiles data?

Three.js how to load 3dtiles data, hoping to provide methods and ideas, thank you.

I’m not aware of any official 3D Tiles loaders for Three.js, but there have been a few projects in development which which may or may not be available publicly. Three can load glTF models so part of the implementation is already there. The rest of the code would need to load the tileset.json file and manage a bounding volume hierarchy of tiles. Are you interested in starting a project for this?

I’m very interested. As long as I can realize three.js loading 3dtiles data, I’m very interested. I hope you can help me solve this problem, thank you

在 2017年11月10日星期五 UTC+8上午6:43:55,Sean Lilley写道:

There was a project that combined Cesium and three.js which maybe a bit of overkill. It might be a interesting project to check out.