First steps at cesium

Good morning. We are starting on developing with your Cesium Viewer, and we got stuck. Our desire is to be able to retrieve some geometries as gltf to import it to Forge Viewer, in order to try some kind of GIS-BIM data context.

We get a tileset through various ways, the problem here is that we don’t know how to continue. As we saw in some examples, a .gltf is not like this json object, so there’s some step missing. Here the response object that I mention, thank you:


Hi @Mane_rom,

I’m a bit confused about what you’re asking. Is your goal to convert an existing 3D tileset you have to a .glTF file?


Good morning Eli, thanks for your answer. We are at the very early steps, so being honest, I don’t know how can I continue. We would want to allow more use-cases at our viewer, and we were trying to extract through some way the tiles to a gltf if it’s possible.

Can you recommend us, if it’s available, a dummy-guide to start with cesium environment?

Sure thing. If you’re looking for a general guide to the repo, see the Contributor’s guide. To set up the environment yourself, see our Building guide. We also have tutorials for getting started on our docs page. Let me know if any of those help!

Good morning Eli. Thanks for join here these resources, I’ll try to do some approachs these days and I’ll tell you about it.

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Hello @Eli,

here Jesus from @Mane_rom team. We are trying to implement 3dtiles from cesium.ion in another 3dviewer developed with three.js We’ve seen that it is possible using We get some reference from Uber but we can’t find the key. :frowning:
Do you know some example or we could have some personal support to achive our goals with the platform?

Thanks in advance.

@Jesus_Valderrama What are you having trouble with? Have you seen our 3D tiles overview guide?

Good morning. We were trying to work with your docs Ion REST API documentation – Cesium and we reached to this point. Our desire is to bring the 3DTILES from a cesium ion resource and embed it inside our THREEjs-based viewer Autodesk Forge Viewer.

The other goal is to have available inside our Autodesk Forge Viewer your awesome world-terrain globe, in order to have a proper GIS environment, and avoid our current development, which is a simple mesh, understanding that maybe it could be not possible because its different refreshing render methods:

Hi @Eli. We have already studied the documentation. Mane_rom has explained it above. We want to connect from our platform to cesium.ion to download cesium 3dtiles in a viewer based on three.js As far as we know, three.js does not support 3dtiles natively so we are trying to use, but in the lack of examples we are not achieving our goal.