Cannot find latitude, longitude and height properties

I cannot see the Georeference Origin Point Coordinates that is supposed to have Latitude , Longitude , and Height variables under it.

I am able to connect to Cesium Ion and the globe loads with no problem. I am using:

USD Composer 2023.1.1 Beta
Kit 105.0.1

Cesium for Omniverse v0.8.0
Cesium for Omniverse USD Plugins v0.1.0


Hi Mashava,

Thanks for reaching out!

It looks like you are pre-filtering the properties panel with the keyword “World”. This is what would be limiting the attributes shown in the properties panel, as the CesiumGeoreference prim does not have any attributes that contain the term World.

If you remove the term “World” from the filter and leave it blank (the section outlined in yellow below), you should be able to see all attributes of the CesiumGeoreference prim.


Thank you! It worked!

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