Style by property based on cesium georeference and not height what is the property

Need help in identifying the cesiumproperty id for georeference and not height. Please request you to let me know how can create MDL material based on georeference and not height.


Do you mean access the latitude and longitude and modify your shading based on these values?

If so, your data will require those values to be embedded as properties in 3D Tiles. What Tileset are you trying to shade?

Hi Thanks for a speedy reply… its cesium_osm_building I have followed the style by property for omniverse cesium tutorial and been able to create the MSD Graph material over the osm building which are blocks where the property id cesium#estimatedHeight now if i can get the property id based on georeference of building where lat long are there…

Cesium OSM Buildings have latitude and longitude properties included, see the image below


You should be able to access these values in your MDL by using those property names, will this acheive what you need?

Perhaps if you could explain your end goal further we could make some more suggestions.

Thanks for the reply. I was unable to find the properties in Cesium OSM Buildings in omniverse. Sharing the screen. I need the MLD Graph were in when i place a prime object on the map it should give a color from that point on to a distance. If you have any tutorial or similar thing pls request you to share since I was able to find only one related to style by property. I cannot add multiple properties like longitude and latitude from one property id. If there are any other resources or tutorials pls share… I am working on a telecom demo … so hence need this when i place a tower in any part of the building area the material should start with red from that point and end with green after a distance…

To ensure I completely understand, you want to shade the environment based on the distance from an object in your Omniverse stage?

Do you want to shade terrain, or buildings, or both?

Thanks for understanding. I want to shade the terrain and buildings as well or it can be only buildings as well for a distance

Also i do not find this Cesium for Omniverse: Tileset Clipping – CesiumCesium Cartographic Polygon option is it for a newer version

If you don’t need global scale accuracy, it would be far simpler to use MDL to perform a simple distance calculation between the objects World Space position, and the pixels world space. This way, you don’t need to rely on a tileset having built in lat/lon properties. This method will work with any tileset, including terrain.

You need to be using Cesium for Omniverse 0.17.0 or newer for Polygon Raster Overlays and clipping.

Hi with regard to the shade which with MDL do you have any tutorial which guides me through it since i have limited knowledge I am unable to figure out how to work on the objects world spce position and pixels world space… with MDL … any blogs or link to get some idea on MDL graph would help has well