Cant make points appear on time ??? 0_o

Hello for some reason i just cant make a point appear on a spesific time.

my json is

  epoch: 'validISO',
  cartographicDegrees: [0 33, 33 0]

I can make it a static point if i remove the first parm from the cartographicDegrees values.
But i need it to appear in a specific time.

I was able to make polylines and polygons do it so im shocked that i'm having trouble with this.

Hey David, are you still having problems? We were busy with the Cesium 1.0 release so a lot of questions went unanswered recently. The reason this doesn’t work is because you are defining a point that only exists at a single instant in time, rather than provide a point that is visible over an interval.

There are two ways to do what you want.

  1. Provide a static position over an interval instead of an instant:

position: {


“cartographicDegrees”: [-12,33, 0]


  1. Provide a single instant in time (like you are doing now) but use the forwardExtrapolationType option to keep that point around forever.

position: {


“forwardExtrapolationType”: “HOLD”

“cartographicDegrees”: [0, -12, 33, 0]


I didn’t actually test those snippets, but they should be correct (or pretty close).