Counting Rendered Points through a Period of time (time series)

Hey everyone,

I'm using Cesium with Torque (the latter as a layer) to display data changes over time (time series). Cesium 1.37

We are having an issue with our setup, basically we are not sure if all points are being displayed in the span of time I initially setup for Cesium, or even if those are being rendered at the correct time.

I been playing with the clock.onTick event, but I cannot find an effective way to "listen" for that data, I'm not even sure what I should be looking for.

Basically what I want to do is to capture any changes related to the points rendered in Cesium and *when* those happen. Here's a small demo

Any hints will be very appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Sebastian,

I don’t know too much about Torque, but form briefly checking the specification, it look like the stop and start times are specified in the metadata. You should be able to take those values, convert them to JulianDate objects, and set the clock to use those for startTime and stopTime, like we do in the clock Sandcastle example.

Hope that helps!



Hey Gabby,

Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.

I’m not sure we are in the same page. Basically what I was trying to ask is: what would be an effective way to count the points I’m seeing on my viz? I mean, from a code perspective, where would be the best place to add a method where the data “changes” when something (like a point in a tile) is being rendered in Cesium? Does this make sense?