Can't Visualise Site in Unreal - Beginner

Hi, absolute beginner in Cesium and Unreal here,

I followed the Quickstart Guide for Cesium in Unreal:

and can visualise the locations in the tutorial but when I change the latitude and longitude in the Georeference to Tokyo (the site I want to visualise for my project), all I see is empty blue space.

I’m sure this is really simple but how do I visualise this part of the world? Thanks, any help is appreciated!

You entered a longitude of 35.67 and a latitude of 139.65 - when you switch these numbers, you’ll be at the right place: The longitude should be 139.65, and the latitude should be 35.67.

Note: The order of the UI elements will probably be changed in the next release - this is discussed at Display latitude before longitude in the UI (contrary to our usual practice) · Issue #309 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub - there seem to be some contradicting conventions, but at least for UI elements, the order should be 1. latitude and 2. longitude. This is already the case for the CesiumSunSky.

Speaking of the CesiumSunSky: When you change the numbers, and then the whole screen is just black, you may have to change the time in the CesiumSunSky, to be sure that you’re looking at the desired location in daylight.