CDB Features supported

Hi, im wondering about the list of supported features for the cdb to 3d files convertor, does that means that if i have that kind of cdb files (cd picture), it wont works ?

Sorry, but I’m not really sure what you’re asking. I’m also not an expert on the CDB to 3D Tiles convertor, so if you have some CDB data that you want to use with Cesium for Unity, I suggest you just try converting it and loading it and letting us know where you run into problems.

Ok, i will try to be clearer, i have this kind of cdb files on my computer :

, and in your documentation, only those things are supported :

And when i use a the convertor, i have this result :
which include only elevation and imagery from my cdb file.

When i load this tilest in unity i have this :

So my question is : what is this black thing , and when i zoom, i got this :

Do you have any idea about what can cause this ?

I’m not sure. Could it be that the elevation covers the large black area, and the imagery only covers the smaller area in the middle? Can you try loading the tileset in CesiumJS for comparison?

How do i load in CesiumJS, im on unity and i dont know how to use CesiumJS. Im working on unity so i don’t know how to use CesiumJS.

Here’s an example of a CDB in Sandcastle, an interactive coding app for CesiumJS: