Cdb-to-3dtiles issue

I converted standard Presagis CDB(camp_pendleton) to 3dtiles, and the directory has elevation,GSModel,GTModels and so on, but only elevation can be displayed, the buildings all gone.The textures of the buildings can be see in the directory, but building models disapeared.
When I use another tool to check the 3dtiles, the RoadNetwork json poped out the shader problem.
So can somebody help me use the cdb-to-3dtiles tool correcetly, or that tool just can’t convert all cdb files?
The result of the directory has these folders included.
The texture is good too.

The RoadNetwork json not good.

There’s no models in the scene, only elevation and imagery, no buildings, no roads, no trees

Hi @FanLongyun,

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble! I’m moving this issue to the 3D Tiles category, where I think you will find more appropriate help.