CEF plugin dependency of cesium plugin is affecting size of our built executable

Our UE project is using CesiumForUnreal plugin and recently it was discovered that the WebBrowserWidget plugin that is listed as one of the dependencies of the CesiumForUnreal engine is adding some binaries of about 150MB size under the Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\CEF3 directory.

I noticed that the WebBrowserWidget features are being used in the ScreenCredits widget to create a web browser element. The ScreenCredits widget is referenced in CesiumCreditSystemBP. I would like to understand how that web browser element is used and if it would be ok to exclude the CEF3 binaries from our shipping executable as we are getting flagged for that additional 150MB increase in our shipping footprint.

Hi @Harshal_Mehta,

Data attribution (credits) in 3D Tiles are HTML, and can include links and images in addition to text. The web browser widget is used to display these. We’re aware using a real web browser for this task is pretty heavyweight, though, and are planning to address this in a future release. In the meantime, you can hack the credits blueprint in the plugin to remove it, but you’ll then be responsible for displaying necessary credits in some other way in order to avoid violating the terms of use of any data you’re using.