Cesium-1.18 heightScale overacting

Cesium-1.17 works great on my tiled terrain and imagery with "terrainExaggeration" : 50, however Cesium-1.18 there seems to be a frequent over-heightScaling as I scroll, zoom-out, or zoom-in. There is just a random region that will over-heightScale for a fraction of a second and then go back to correct heights. I cannot capture image because it happens for just a second, I hope you can reproduce or figure out what may be going on.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve filed an issue here: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/3607
Do the screenshots I posted look like what you’re seeing or do you think you’re seeing a different problem? I know you said it was hard to capture.


Thanks Hannah. Attached are screenshots a second apart of same scene in which I see the overactive heights in a random patch which goes to expected heights.
Thanks for looking into the problem. Susan

Thanks Susan! I added the screenshot to the issue. We’re going to try to fix it for the next release.

Your screenshots look really interesting, by the way. What kind of project are you working on?


Thanks Hannah! I’ll hopefully get to share our project very soon now on a Cesium Showcase! I’ve got the app ready. Susan

Oh great! Can’t wait to see it!

Hi Susan! I wanted to let you know that we just merged a fix for the terrain exaggeration bug and it will be available in the Cesium 1.20 release for April.



Thanks Hannah, Wow, This is great! I look forward to the new April release!! Susan