Cesium 1.29 Build

Hi - normally on cesium releases I just pull down the zip file and update my code to reflect the new version number. This release (1.29) the build folder is not included. I am trying to build cesium from the 1.29 release zip, so I run the following: `npm run build`, `npm run combineRelease`, `npm run minifyRelease` but am still having problems with my build scripts missing files. What did you all used to do to create the build folder? Thank you.


I just verified that the release zip available from http://cesiumjs.org/downloads.html contains the expected Build folder. Where did you get your release zip from?

The release zip is not meant for building, you would need a git clone for that, full instructions are available at https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/tree/master/Documentation/Contributors/BuildGuide (but as I stated above, you shouldn’t need to do this for 1.29).

Thanks! I downloaded from the github release page this time and not the cesiumjs.org page. Total brain fart from my end.

Also - Thank you all for building cesium, open-sourcing it, and running these forums. I couldn’t do my job without any of them.