What folder should i copy in cesium zip to my project

Hi, everyone. Sorry if this question was asked before.
I download 1.48 cesium zip file. What folder should i copy to my project to have cesium in it? Biuld\Cesium or Source? If folder Biuld\Cesium is what i need do i have js files that are, for example in Source\Widgets\Animation like Animation.js? Because in Biuld\Cesium there are no such js files. Thanks for help.

The Hello World example (https://cesiumjs.org/tutorials/cesium-up-and-running/#hello-again-world) shows you the minimum requirements you need to run a Cesium app. The library itself is in the file Build/Cesium/Cesium.js but that relies on the other directories in that directory for widgets and web workers. So you’ll need the entire Build folder.