Cesim full b25 - which folders are actually cesium?


I downloaded the full cesium zip. There are folders Apps, Build, Cesium, Source… Which folder is the actual Cesium? The reason I am asking is because there’s a Cesium.js inside Source Folder, and there’s also another one in Cesium folder. I am not sure which one I should use.

Thank you for your help


In the full zip file, the Build/Cesium folder contains a combined, minified file Cesium.js that is intended to be loaded using a normal script tag, as seen in HelloWorld.html, and exposes a global Cesium object with all classes and functions. You will also need to deploy all the other supporting scripts and data files in that folder, preserving the directory layout.

The Source folder is the source code with documentation and comments. These files are also standard Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) modules which can be used directly with an AMD loader such as RequireJS.