Cesium 1.44 Build\Cesium contains new, empty folders?

I started updating from 1.43 to 1.44, downloaded Cesium-1.44.zip, and read the release notes


but found no explanation for a set of new empty folders in the Build\Cesium folder, which formerly contained only cesium.js and 4 folders: Assets Third Party, Widgets, and Workers.

1.44 includes 5 additional empty folders: Core, DataSources, Renderer, Scene, Shaders. Shaders has subfolders for Appearances, Builtin, Materials, and PostProcessFilters - all empty; Builtin has subfolders for Constants, Functions, Structs - all empty.

Build\CesiumUnminified contains the same empty folders.

The Source folder contains the same directory structure, where those folders have their original contents, as in previous releases…

The empty folders were not there in 1.43

Did I miss something in the forum or blog that explains these?

Was this just an anomaly in the 1.44 release that will go away in 1.45?

Can I omit the empty folders in Cesium\Build ?



Hi Jon,

This sounds like, as you said, an anomaly with the build process. We’ll make sure it doesn’t happen when we build for the next release, and make necessary fixes to the build step if any are required.

Thanks for catching this,