Using 'Source' scripts instead of 'Build'


First of all - Cesium is amazing, it's one of the most well-considered and complete APIs I've used and it's a joy to work with.

My question - I'm a beginner with Cesium but I'm keen to modify the source a little. I've got everything building with Ant etc, but I'd like to make code changes in my IDE and then test them immediately. I assume I'd just run Ant with 'build' and then reference '../Source/Cesium.js" but this doesn't seem to work - where am I going wrong? I'm fairly new to modular client-side JS development so I suspect this is the area I'm misunderstanding.

Any pointers appreciated, cheers


Ah, figured it: Run Ant 'build' and in my script just load Cesium manually with requirejs - assume that's the best way?

When doing AMD development, you don’t include Cesium.js or require it in. Instead you would just require in the individual modules that you need. See the example application in Apps/CesiumViewer for a standalone AMD application that uses Cesium modules in this way. Particularly CesiumViewerStartup.js, CesiumViewer.js and index.html.