OT: Cesiums use of almond vs requirejs

Our project has been using the single file build of Cesium which includes almond since late last year. At this point I don’t remember why we went with the single file verses loading the sources directly using requirejs. We finally come across another couple of AMD modules that we must use, but we’re unable to load these due to the use of almond. I’m looking for suggestions on a path forward. Here’s the options I’m looking over at this point:

  1. Switch to using the Cesium sources, and fix whatever problem there was previously with requirejs/cesium loading.

  2. Try to use amdclean, https://github.com/gfranko/amdclean, on the cesium single file to remove the requirement of almond.

  3. Try renaming the almond variables require, requirejs, and define with in the cesium single file.

  4. ??? Please suggest something if you have an idea.