Cesium 1.57 release

Hi everyone,
We're starting the Cesium 1.57 release. It will be out later today.


Cesium 1.57 has been released. Check out the blog post for details: https://cesium.com/blog/2019/05/01/cesium-may-release/

Hi Tom,

Hoping you could help me…it seems that when a new version is released, the default Bing Maps no longer works in older versions. Once I update to the newest version, it works just fine. This has happened a few times. Is this expected behavior?


Hey Michael,

This is indeed expected behavior. Cesium ships with a default ion access token for accessing Bing imagery and Cesium world terrain. This expires with every release.

You should make sure to add your own access token from https://cesium.com/ion/tokens

Let me know if that works for you!