Cesium 3DTileset url encoded issue

Hi, everyone, I met a special character encoded issue.
In Cesium version 1.85, the character ‘%2B’ in the 3dtiles uri is converted into the character ‘+’,

as you can see, in the 3dtiles file , the uri is ‘./Tile_%2B008_%2B006/Tile_%2B008_%2B006.json’, however, the url Cesium request is ‘/Tile_+008_+006/Tile_+008_+006.json’ and I didn’t change any url.
I want Cesium to keep the ‘%2B’ and not convert it into ‘+’ because the server I upload the 3dtile files cannot read ‘+’ and needs it to be ‘%2B’.
I tried different versions, it looks like the version before 1.85 does not have the issue, the ‘%2B’ is still the ‘%2B’, but I want to use the latest Cesium version.
Is there any solution?

Hi there,

The content of that field usually comes from the tileset.json file itself, which is the file that is loaded into CesiumJS. How was the 3D tileset generated? Did you use Cesium ion, or another tool?