About local reading self made terrain data

The terrain data we produced can’t be displayed in cesium for unreal through URL, but we don’t know what’s wrong. Please help me. The terrain link is below.


By the way, Can the packaged cesium 3dtileset dynamically modify the URL?

Hi @Designerz14,

I can take a look at the asset to see what’s wrong. For your second question, Cesium3DTileset actor doesn’t modify the url dynamically


Hi @Designerz14,

it looks like the url return html format, so the plugin is unable to parse it, but the actual url that returns json is http://main.smart3d.cn:9901/3dview/Smart3D%20Datas/3DTiles/evo11/Production_1.json

Beside that, I also see it contains gltf version 1.0 which we don’t support currently. If possible, can you convert it to gltf 2.0? Please let me know if you have any question


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I see. Thank you for your help.

Question 2:

  1. open \CesiumForUnreal\Source\CesiumRuntime\Public\Cesium3DTileset.h
  2. add BlueprintReadWrite for >FString Url<
  3. create UFUNCTION call this->LoadTileset()
    4.when you change url ,call 3 function