Cesium and JavaFX Webview

I am writing a desktop application using JavaFX. I would like to use Cesium in my application to display a satellite’s trajectory on top of a globe. I believe the JavaFX webview component should handle this.

Has anyone had success incorporating Cesium into a JavaFX application? Any advice or suggestions?

It should work just like any regular web application, and I imagine all the Sandcastle code examples should work as well, like this one showing the satellite’s path:


Are you having any specific issues with it?

Thanks for the reply, Omar.

I’m just getting started with both JavaFX and Cesium, but I’ve just run into my first error. When I try to display a simple Cesium globe in a JavaFX WebView the error reads: The browser does not support WebGL.

I’ve noticed there’s a library for Cesium GWT that maybe will work better within my JavaFX application.