Cesium Android Error


I’m trying to run stock Cesium on:

Android 4.2.2: MK808 Build/JDQ39

Chrome 27.0.1453.90

Mali400 GPU, RK3066 chipset.

I’m getting this error:

[GL] Shader program link log: L0010 Uniform ‘czm_viewport’ differ on precision
Uncaught RuntimeError: Program failed to link. Link log: L0010 Uniform ‘czm_viewport’ differ on precision
at new RuntimeError (http://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:5671:22)
at createAndLinkProgram (http://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:59490:19)
at new ShaderProgram (http://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:59072:23)
at Context.createShaderProgram (http://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:62696:16)
at ShaderCache.getShaderProgram (http://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:55938:36)
at ShaderCache.replaceShaderProgram (http://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:55918:21)
at CentralBody.update (http://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:77204:49)
at CompositePrimitive.update (http://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:78051:31)
at Scene.render (http://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:81813:26)
at CesiumWidget.render (http://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:88055:20) (on line 59490 ofhttp://cesium.agi.com/Cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js)

If anyone has seen something similar please let me know.


TJ - thanks for the report. I believe this is a known issue, #817.


TJ in the meantime, you can try the galaxynote branch (https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/commits/galaxynote) which has a one line change to get things working on Mali chipsets. Let us know if that still doesn’t work.

The fix in the galaxynote branch only gets the globe to show up. Funky things happening if you try to display dynamic billboards and polylines. They’d blink in and out(if I was lucky) and finally disappear for good.

That sucks, thanks for the heads up Matt; I was under the impression that it was working better than that. Hopefully this is something we can get fixed in Cesium soon.