Cesium application crashing when left idle.

I’m getting errors in cesium application when the application is left idle. I have attached screenshots for reference. What could be the reason or how to avoid it.

I’ve seen this happen a lot more often on Linux. Can you post the results of your WebGL report (https://webglreport.com/) and what operating system and browser you’re on?

Also, when you say the application is left idle, is the CesiumJS tab still up, or do you switch to another application and when you switch back to the Cesium window it’s crashed?

I’m also facing the issue.
Os: Windows 10

Browser : Chrome Version 79.0.3945.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)

My browser is on most of the time.CesiumJs tab is up.When i’m in other tab and i switch back to cesiumjs tab after sometime(like an hour) this issue occurs.

WebGL report is also fine.