Cesium Corridor unexpected behavior

Hi !

I’m working with the corridor entities and
I’m facing severals issues:

I draw both a corridor and the polyline corresponding to the exact same positions that normally define the center of that corridor.

My main issue is that the polyline does not appear centered at all (or,in other terms, the corridor is not equally distributed around its expected centered line).

An other issue (far less critical) occurs when a large enought corridor turns over itself:the surfaces overlap .

As the material is slightly transparent (so that the user may still see the tiles underneath), its color is doubled where the corridor overlaps.

I fail to see what i might have done wrong .

Is there a way to overcome this behavior? At least, to get a corridor correctly centered around a line?

I have attached my javascript file (which you can directly test on Sandcastle), as well as a screenshot of the behavior observed.

Thanks in advance for any help or hint.


corridor.js (2.98 KB)

corridor.html (666 Bytes)


Thank you for providing a code sample! This looks like a bug in Cesium. I’ve submitted an issue to fix it here: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/3320



Ok Thanks Hannah!


Hi Salima,

My fix for this was just merged into master and will be included in the next Cesium release (1.17)



Ok Great! thanks for your help Hannah