Corridor and polylineVolume : parts of the central polyline lay outside the geometry


I plan to use the polylineVolume and Corridor geometries in cesium with rounded corners but i’am facing a strange behavior with these geometries, and help would be greatly appreciated!

The very strange behavior i noticed with theses geometries occurs when the segments of the central polyline are connected to each other with a very sharp angle (< 45°): In those cases, the point of the central polyline is simply laying outside the corridor or the polylinevolume.

Actually, the behavior starts to be noticeable when angle is <90° : we can notice the point slowly drifting to the edge of the geometry and below 45°, is lays outside.

This seems a bug to me, since i expect every point of the central polyline to be within the corridor.

I reproduced the problem in the sandcastle below, where i superposed a polyline, a polylinevolume and a corridor with exactly the same positions but different widths.

I seems that the bigger the width is (or the sharper is angle is), the more obvious the problem is.

Is there something i miss in the use of theses geometries ?

Thanks for help !