Weird Corridor Graphical Issue

There seems to be a weird graphical issue when you draw corridors that across certain spots on the globe. I'm not sure when it was first introduced, but I've noticed it in the past few versions of Cesium and it is still present in the latest version.

This picture will probably describe it better than I can with words:

Here's a sandcastle example where I've drawn a corridor around the entire globe, and you can see that there are two glitches in the line, one around the Pacific and one around the Atlantic:

Hey there,

I can reproduce this. I’ve posted this report in Issue #4746 which I believe is related. Take a look at that issue for updates, we’ll open a new issue if it proves to be unrelated.

If you have the bandwidth, tracking down what may be causing this issue would be a big help towards getting this fixed and would be greatly appreciated!