Cesium, Dynamic Pawn and VR controls


My team is making a VR app using Cesium. Until now we have used Unreal’s default MotionControllerPawn as player controllers, however coupled with Cesium the performance becomes atrocious. Cesium’s own Dynamic Pawn works okay with VR preview, however we need to use the VR motion controllers to display our menus, teleport, etc. Is there a way to have the dynamic pawn use motion controllers in Unreal?

Hi @hanuli,

Welcome to the forum! Yes, this is certainly possible. You will simply need to replace the (hardcoded) gamepad input events in DynamicPawn with input events that you can define in the Project Settings → Inputs. You can duplicate that class into your own project or modify it directly, but keep in mind that future releases may overwrite changes made directly to the plugin assets.

For a bit more context, we were forced to use the hardcoded events in the DynamicPawn blueprint because plugins can’t affect project input settings. But users like you have the flexibility to use the conventional input action/axis workflow, and bind to as many input controller types as you need.