Problems following tutorials

Hi everyone, I’m having some problems following the Cesium for unreal tutorials if anyone can help with any of these please let me know:

Tutorial 1:

  1. When I try and drag and drop the floating pawn into the blank project canvas I am unable to. I can only add the dynamic pawn.

Tutorial 3:

  1. When I add the player start and follow all instrucrtions and hit play it does not enter into the third player caracter it inters into the dynamic pawn. Only if I delete the dynamic pawn am I able to enter into third person mode and control the character.

Lastly it would be great to have that final tutorial about how to add other objects into the scenes propperly and anything about hosting multiplayer instances of this would be first prize. Amazing work all


Hi @Charles_Fraser,

For the first one, are you following the video or the written tutorial? The FloatingPawn has been deprecated and replaced with the DynamicPawn, but if that isn’t reflected in all documentation then I’ll make sure that gets updated. You should use DynamicPawn for anything that you would have previously used FloatingPawn for.

With Tutorial 3, are you talking about the Using Custom Controllers tutorial? There are a few different ways to control which pawn is used at the start of the game. This step of the above tutorial goes into a little more detail. Essentially, if there is a pawn in the world with the Auto Possess Player parameter set to Player 0, it will take control at the start of the game, even if you’ve set the game mode override to begin play with a different character.

If you don’t want to delete the DynamicPawn from your level but want to start with a different character, make sure Auto Possess Player is set to Disabled for the Dynamic Pawn. You can find this setting by searching for it in the Details panel search bar.

Thanks for using Cesium for Unreal!