DynamicPawn problem

Hi,when DynamicPawn in use, “ctrl key and space key” is “Rising and falling”. How to disable it or modify it? i want to use these keys to control other functions.

DynamicPawn inherits from Unreal’s DefaultPawn, so you’d have to change the controls in your project settings. Try going to Edit > Project Settings > Engine - Input and changing the player inputs as described in this tutorial.

Thanks~I have read the tutorial. And i know how to change the control in project setting. But i follow the tutorial to creat a new pawn,i will lose all the special function of the dynamic pawn,like “fly to progress
curve function”.I just want to modify the dynamicpawn. Please help me how to change the default input for dynamic pawn,“w a s d ctrl space key” etc~

I’m not sure that it’s possible without changing the code in C++. If you have the source code and look at DefaultPawn.cpp, you can see that the default mappings always bind to the same controls scheme. It looks like there is a “Add Default Movement Bindings” property – maybe you can edit that on the pawn class?

In any case, if you’re using C++ you can inherit from the GlobeAwareDefaultPawn class and override the SetupPlayerInputComponent(UInputComponent* PlayerInputComponent) function with your own controls. We have a Github issue to separate the “fly to” behavior, so that you can attach to any actor, but it currently is not possible.

Wow,really thank you~ :star_struck: