How do I change the default input binding for dynamic pawn?

Hello, I would like to disable the left mouse button rotation event for Dynamic Pawn. I have reviewed the relevant topics and found the InitializeDefaultPawnInputBindings() function in the defaultPawn.cpp file. Then, I deleted the code containing the inputs of EKeys:: MouseX and EKeys:: MouseY and rerun the project, but the mouse rotation still takes effect. Then I deleted the W A S D and other buttons, but they still take effect in the project.

Hi @PIPA12344,

There was a similar thread about this topic here:

I would check out the responses there. Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

Thank you, I override SetupPlayerInputComponent (UInputComponent * PlayerInputComponent) and it did not take effect. Later, I checked the tutorial and deleted the ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Binaries’ folders in the plugin directory. Then I rebuilt the project, it successfully took effect in UE Editor. But the following error occurred during the packaging

Missing precompiled manifest for ‘CesiumRuntime’, ‘C: Program Files Epic Games UE’_ 5.1 Engine Plugins Marketplace CesiumForUnreal Intermediate Build Win64 UnrealGame Development CesiumRuntime CesiumRuntime. recommended ‘. This module was most likely not flagged for being included in a precompiled build - set’ PrecompileForTargets=PrecompileTargetsType. Any In to override If part of a plugin, also check if its’ Type 'is correct

So I put the missing folder back in the plugin directory and I can successfully package it, but when I open the packaged game. The SetupPlayerInputComponent (UInputComponent * PlayerInputComponent) function is not working again.

I transferred the plugin from the engine to the project, then it all work successfully.