Cesium focus problem about camera angles

Hello ,
we moved from google earth to cesium too.

I have a problem about focusing a place in a multi building model .

Cesium only focuses to the center of the model and i can only give a camera view from the center or from the corner , but we need to show places between two buildings too.

i am sending a link below and you can see how we use cesium earth. You can use the left menu to see the camera angles.

Is there a way to unlock the "focusing center" of the model? we could do it very easily at google earth.



The app seems to be using the now deprecated .lookAt with 3 arguments
var eye = arguments[0];
target = arguments[1];
var up = arguments[2];

Newer versions of Cesium have just 2 arguments: target and offset. To keep up with newer Cesium versions you’ll need to switch, or put the old lookAt code in your app.

Looking at the code it seems to always set target to Cesium.Cartesian3.ZERO , which explains always looking at the center. You could use an offset in place of Cesium.Cartesian3.ZERO for the target. So offset = new Cesium.Cartesian3(4,5,6) for the target would be (from center) 4 meters east, 5 meters north, 6 meters up, for example.

Also if you wish to give change focus back to Earth you can change the camera transform using camera.lookAtTransform(Cesium.Matrix4.IDENTITY);

Hello again, hope you are doing well,

We always read the new articles about cesium developments, in the new version this problem is solved with new codes?

One of the ways you can accomplish this is by creating pickable regions via polygons or shapes such as rectangles. When the a mouse click event occurs you perform a scene.drillPick with the mouse position. If it’s on one of your regions set that region as the viewer.trackedEntity,.

Give it a shot and see if that works for you.