Cesium for Architecture Visualization


I would like to incorporate Cesium into our Archviz workflow to enhance real-world project location accuracy and simplify our rendering process.

For context, we have multiple projects in remote locations around the world which need to be accurately represented in 3D so that design concepts can be further developed and high-fidelity architectural renders produced. We would like to better visually integrate our site topography survey data, for which we currently use heightmaps and the Unreal landscape system to produce, into the Cesium real-world environment.

We have found the integrated satellite imagery to be at a lower resolution than required for final renders and cannot readily source alternative ariel imagery. As such, it would be ideal if we could paint Megascans blended materials onto the Cesium terrain tiles. I came across this post that appears to address the issue, however it appears it has not yet been resolved.

Is there currently a way to vertex paint materials as a layer blend onto localized areas of Cesium tiles? Perhaps by using a cartographic polygon or another method? We only require to enhance the mid and far-distance tiles that can be seen from each project site to be more representative of the real world and better integrate with our inserted high-fidelity site topography.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you!