Painting on the landscapes

Hiya, followed your tutorials and now we need to paint our own materials over the terrain but can’t work out how… Can you give us some pointers please for painting materials over the world terrain please?


We’re still working on a solution for painting materials and textures on the terrain. It’s possible by setting up a material that samples vertex color and using the Mesh Paint mode to paint vertex color, but unfortunately it isn’t saved between sessions. Please check out this issue on Github for more information and to get the latest updates on this.

Once we get it working properly, we’re planning to make a tutorial that guides users through painting on terrain.

Will we be able to use the water plugin on our maps at anytime in the near future? The project I’m working on uses water extensively?

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Hello @Muttjob ,

Regarding water specifically, we are working on a course auto-application of water effects. The underlying coastline data as well as the approach may be improved in the future, but here is the open GitHub pull request in case you are interested.

The water plugin should work already to some extent with Cesium for Unreal. While the tools provided in the water plugin won’t yet interact with Cesium 3D Tilesets like they do with landscapes, you should be able to use custom water bodies. If you are running into issues with that, let us know! If it’s a problem with Cesium for Unreal, we’ll want to create an issue to track the problem on Github.

Yes I found that the custom water body worked just fine. I could ‘paint’ an existing lake and the heightmap cropped the water very well.

That looks really good! Looking forward to seeing that in UE.