Foliage painting no longer working

I was trying to paint some foliage which worked with the first release in Unreal. However, trying now it doesn’t seem like the foliage paint tool picks up the world terrain? The sphere showing the radius doesn’t show up and no foliage is placed.

Hello Masz, thank you for bringing our attention to this issue. This is definitely a bug, and I’ve created an issue for it here in our Github repository. We will resolve this as soon as we can.

Will this be fixed in the next release, and is there any estimate when the next release will be out?
This is kinda vital feature for a demo project that I’m working on.

Apparently it’s supposed to be fixed already, but yet I’m unable to paint foliage over my 3dtilesets with foliage tool. :confused:

It was fixed in v1.2.1 Maybe check Edit → Plugins and make sure you’re using that version or later?

Yeah, after reboot my epic games launcher informed me about the update. Thx.