Foliage painting no longer working

I was trying to paint some foliage which worked with the first release in Unreal. However, trying now it doesn’t seem like the foliage paint tool picks up the world terrain? The sphere showing the radius doesn’t show up and no foliage is placed.

Hello Masz, thank you for bringing our attention to this issue. This is definitely a bug, and I’ve created an issue for it here in our Github repository. We will resolve this as soon as we can.

Will this be fixed in the next release, and is there any estimate when the next release will be out?
This is kinda vital feature for a demo project that I’m working on.

Apparently it’s supposed to be fixed already, but yet I’m unable to paint foliage over my 3dtilesets with foliage tool. :confused:

It was fixed in v1.2.1 Maybe check Edit → Plugins and make sure you’re using that version or later?

Yeah, after reboot my epic games launcher informed me about the update. Thx.


I followed this tutorial:

The sphere showing the radius didn’t show up and no foliage was placed.

i have uddated the cesium plugin to v1.5.
it worked.
But after some tests it doesn’t work. The Cesium plugin v1.5 and still installed.

The sphere showing the radius doesn’t show up and no foliage is placed.

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Is this a known bug?
Is there a manipulation to be done to solve the problem?

Hello @Gregory_S,

Is Cesium World Terrain selected in your World Outliner? I’ve run in to trouble with this before, when I’ve accidentally had a different actor selected and not realized. You’ll want to make sure it’s selected before entering foliage editing mode.

If this doesn’t help your issue, please let me know!

It does not work.

Here is a link to my simple project:

Thanks for providing your project. It looks like the size of your brush is too small. You can adjust it by clicking and dragging the setting circled here:

Increasing this value should make the brush circle appear and let you paint foliage. I’m not sure why it works this way, but if the brush is too small it won’t paint anything at all.

Let me know if you have any further issues!


Thank you I had not seen that :slight_smile:

Do you have a technique to recommend for adding vegetation in areas delimited by shapefiles?

I created a C ++ class delimiting a shapefile with a Spline and adding a UInstancedStaticMeshComponent to it to add the trees with AddInstance.
I created a BluePrint derived from my class to edit the spline and parameters.
But it is extremely slow (especially in the editor)

I was inspired by:


Unfortunately, I can’t offer much advice on this, but it’s a great idea. In my experience, any blueprint that adds a lot of instanced static meshes will cause a lot of lag when it regenerates. If you have any screenshots you’re interested in sharing of your shapefile-driven foliage generation, I’d love to see!


i made a c++ class without BluePrint which add Instance in BeginPlay(), and it’s faster.

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