Foliage very far from GeoReference and World Partition

Hello team,

I am using Cesium with Unreal Engine 5.3 , on a level with World Partition enabled (meaning sub-level is disabled). I am working on a very large area (country scale). When I use foliage close to the georeference, it’s working , but when I move far way (100km away), I can’t paint any foliage, the brush doesn’t work.

Any tips ?

Are you using the recently-released v2.0.0 version of Cesium for Unreal?

I’m not sure what might cause that, but I have a guess. The foliage painter only paints on relatively flat surfaces, right? But as you move farther from the origin, the globe surface is noticeably tilted. So perhaps the Unreal is simply refusing to paint foliage on a titled surface?

If that’s the problem, I don’t know of any solution, short of using sub-levels instead of world partition.