Manual Foliage painting not fully working

Hi there,

I’m trying to paint foliage to the Cesium terrain.
It also works quite good, but I experienced problems at some places.

Seems it is related with some special 3d meshes where the foliage is simply not painted.

you can see it really good in this wireframe screenshot:

Any clue to why this is happending? And how to prevent it?

(UE 5.0.3, Cesium Plugin 1.19.0)

Cheers Claude

Is it because of the high angle of the terrain slope? In the Foliage config there is a setting for maximum slope to paint on, and I believe the default is 45 degrees. Try increasing that and re-paint those areas.

You are absolutely right! My bad…
Thought it’s a bug in Cesium, but has nothing to do with it.

Thanks & Cheers Claude